Welcome to the home of  Colin Guest, A.K.A Tigerman. I chose this name as like tigers I love to roam far and wide.

This site is dedicated to my writing about experiences encountered during over nineteen years of working in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa. Since retiring I have been able to write about my incredible life, including living in Turkey for many years.

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It covers a wide range of experiences, some crazy, adventurous and a few life- threatening ones, all mixed with a blend of humor. These I encountered during nineteen years of working as an expat in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East, and North Africa. Instead of putting up with a boring 9-5 job, you too could enjoy a working life most only get to dream about.


Below is an excerpt from Chapter   6

                       Lucky Escape in Qatar   

I soon realised I had a choice, either I would swim back to shore or drown. After deciding I did not want to die, I gave it my best shot to get back to the beach. Fortunately, after making a supreme effort, I managed to swim back to shore. On trembling legs I staggered up to our tent and collapsed on my towel, thinking how lucky I had been not to have drowned.


An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey

Cover page d for webAn Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey, covers my living in Turkey for over twenty years. Apart from showing how come I came to live there and the many things that occurred, it includes advice on numerous things of interest to those not only living in Turkey, but people thinking of going to live there.