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Welcome to the home of author Colin Guest, otherwise known as Tigerman. This site covers my writing with genres ranging from memoirs, and thriller/adventure, to romance stories. At present, I have eleven books published in digital format.  A Dangerous Love Affair and Fatal Love are also available in print.  I also have six books audiobooks.

My latest romantic novel, An Unforgettable Cruise will shortly be published, while my other romantic novel,  It Happened in Barcelona, is mostly completed. Once finalised, I will send out to see if a publishing company is interested. I have written film scripts based on my thillers, For the Greater Good and Desperation Rules the Day, and now working on a script based on my novel A Dangerous Love Affair.

I started writing after retiring from nineteen years as an expat worker in a total of fourteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa. As such,  I consider myself as having lived a life most only dream.  Therefore, should you want to know how to get out of a boring 9-5 job check out my memoir, “Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps.” http://www.amazon.com/-/dp/1482854430

I am deeply concerned about nature, the environment and wild animals, and have adopted a tiger for the past twelve years.

I have worked as a volunteer at Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation centres in South Africa and Thailand. As such, I recommend animal lovers try this as an alternative type of holiday. For sure it’s an experience you will never forget. It is also a great way of giving something back to nature.

For my latest news check out  https://wwwturkmed.wordpress.com and my social networks.

All comments on my posts and honest reviews of my books would be both welcome and appreciated.

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