Colin Guest   A.K.A Tigerman
Well,the year has started well with a growing interest in my memoir Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps.   This I am sure is down to publicity gained from a number of sites I belong to. These include Ronnies Rave and Self Publishing and I Author.  I am pleased with the reviews received about my memoir, which has made all the hard work I put into it worthwhile.
Voyage Media have now completed the adaptation of my memoir. This they think could be used as the basis for a television series, and will send it to a few producers to see if they think it a viable proposition.

I was well pleased when invited by Ronnies Rave Reviews  (RRBC)to take part in a live interview re my memoir on an American radio  station. This I found was a great experience.  For all authors looking to promote their books, I recommend you check  out Since joining them, I have been well pl;eased with the response received . I have also had a few online interviews, with details of my memoir published in, and an article in For anyone thinking of becoming an expat, I recommend you check-out these two companies.

For all those in the process of writing a book, don’t give up. Think positive and go after the goals in your life.

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