Another book for those who like romance mixed with erotica

I have just completed my latest book, title not yet decided. I have so far self-edited it using Grammarly and Hemmingway, two of the top online editing programs. Despite this, unless a publisher who sees my book and thinks it has possibilities for them to publish it, I will have it professionally edited. As most of us who has self-published knows, it is an essential requirement before publishing one’s books.

For those interested in thinking up a suitable title for my new book, it concerns a married woman. She married for love, with disastrous results. On his tragic death, she re-marries again for love. To her cost, she finds out her husband has a secret that he never disclosed to her. It leads to his death, and the heroine deciding enough is enough. She gets a dog and will stay away from men.

Apart from the book mentioned above, I am presently writing a thriller based on the situation in the world today. Watch here and follow me on http://www.twitter/Tigermanguest  and for further updates

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