Colin’s latest news

I think that audiobooks are a great way of promoting one’s books, and, of course, potential sales. Therefore, I am delighted to announce that “Terror Holiday” is my first book to be on sale as an audiobook via ACX, with Impending Disaster due to be on sale shortly.  For those interested in producing audiobooks, I am presently looking for a narrator to make one of my novel, “A Dangerous Love Affair.” Please note this book is not for everyone, as it includes explicit sex scenes.  For details of what I am looking for, check-out ACX. I must say that without a doubt, I am well pleased with the early results of Terror Holiday that was narrated by Colin Watts.

Once my latest book, Desperation Rules the Day,  already with various distributors is out with Amazon, I will also be looking for a narrator for this.  Should you be interested in this or any other of my books, please contact me.

With the latest situation between America and Iran, “Desperation Rules the Day,” is bang up to date. The book is about the present situation between America and Iran. It is about a plot by Iran to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge in California. In desperate times, desperate measures are usually taken by a country in trouble in an attempt to divert its citizen’s attention from what is happening in their own country. Like the old saying, Attack is the best means of Defence. That is exactly what Desperation Rules the Day is all about and why something like this could well take place in real life. This book is intended as a follow-on from my book, “For the Greater Good,” with my now in the process of writing a follow book to “Desperation Rules the Day.”I have already written the rough draft of the first two chapters of what at present is entitled, Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail. Watch this space for further updates.

Apart from this book, I have completed another manuscript, with the working title of”Sex not Love.” It is a 20,000-word story of passion and includes explicit lovemaking scenes. Melissa, the main character loves sex. After her first husband dies in a traffic incident, she marries Steve. However, she has no idea of his deadly secret.  It almost cost her life. I am presently trying to find a publisher who might be interested in publishing it. If unsuccessful!!!! I will self-publish later this year, and then put it up for an audiobook production.