Latest update

Today I sent off my latest manuscript Sex not Love for editing, I having self-edited via Grammarly. At present this is the working title of the book. But, in view of its erotic contents, I will most likely change it to She Loved Sex, but Death Beckoned. I received feedback from a couple of publishers who I had sent it to, which I greatly appreciate. In view of their comments, I have revised sections of what I had previously written. As a result, I think it now reads much better than it did. Feedback is essential to any author, as it helps one to understand what works, and what does not. Once I get back the edited manuscript, I will again try and find a publisher. As they say, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained. As a positive thinking person, I always do my best when writing, as my aim is for others to like what I write.

After my book Terror Holiday, I now have Impending Disaster available as an audiobook via Amazon ACX. All being well, I hope to have a few more of my books accepted by narrators and made into audiobooks. From reading the latest statistics, audiobooks sales are rapidly increasing, so I think I have made the right decision in going that way.

As for my books already published, I use Draft 2Digital. I have found them most helpful in answering any of my questions. At no cost, they put out authors books to a large variety of distributors. This reduces once costs, with the money, saved going towards editing. It is an essential part to be carried out before sending your book out to publishing agents.

After my latest published book, Desperation Rules the Day, I am now working on a sequel that so far I think is looking good. Watch this space for further updates, and please continue to send in your comments on any of my books. I will answer all that I receive.