Re December news

Since having both A Dangerous Love Affair and Fatal Love narrated by Holly Hunt, I am delighted to find that sales of both audio books  are doing well. Without a doubt I did the right thing in having them made into this format.

This is review excerpt of A Dangerous Love Affair. I loved this book! It was full of mystery, drama, and hidden desires between two very different people.

All being well, I hope to have my latest book, Suzy’s Dilemma,  (just published) made into an audio book early next year.

An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey that covers my living in Turkey for the past thirty years, is now awaiting approval to be published as an audio book. Apart from being a memoir, it provides a variety of information for both tourists and foreigners living or thinking of moving to Turkey.

An excerpt from a review. A brave, honest roller-coaster of an expat memoir that tugs at the heart strings.

Re the sequel to the trilogy of books starting with Desperation Rules the Day, I have virtually completed it ready for editing. Watch this space or my blog for the latest update.

In the meantime I am writing what is intended to be another romantic novel that will be in the same vein as A Dangerous Love Affair.