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Colin Guest

My latest published book is Death on the Move

Check out

 The above book is the sequel in a thrilling trilogy starting with Desperation Rules the Day, which I have now made free of charge. Due to the ongoing situation between America and Iran, I think readers will find my story fits in well.

After having Susy’s Dilemma published I am now working on another romantic story mixed with erotica. Check out my blog for further updates.

Apart from in digital format, the following books are available in print

Fatal Love

A Dangerous Love Affair.

Due to a problem with Amazon ACX, they have withdrawn from sale the six books that were available in audio format.

Apart from writing books, I also write poetry. My last poem won the prize of being made into a film. Also I am pleased to say that for three years, one of my poems has finished in the final four in poetry contests.

A newspaper in Plymouth my home town in Englandin published an article re my writing .

I have also taken part in a one hour podcast, and took part in a live American radio show, re my writing. A video recording of the first part of my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps was read in conjunction with Novels Wildsound Festival.  In conjunction with Voyage media, I wrote a pilot episode based on my memoir. It being quite an experience for me.

Expat Network, A UK expat organisation published an article of mine in their magazine Nexus. I have had numerous of my articles published in online magazines, and taken part in a variety of interviews.

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