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Colin Guest

My romantic novel, An Unforgettable Cruise. has been professionally edited and will shortly be published.

I will send out my other new romantic novel, It Happened in Barcelona,  to publishing companies to see if there is any interest.

I have written film scripts based on my thrillers, For the Greater Good and Desperation Rules the Day. These are now with Ink, with their loglines attracting considerable interest from a variety of film companies. I am now in the process of completing a film script based on my romantic novel, A Dangerous Love Affair.

My latest published book is Desperation Rules the Day

The above book is a trilogy of thrillers now available in one book that due to the ongoing situation between America and Iran, I am sure readers will find interesting.

I have eleven books published in digital format, with  A Dangerous Love Affair, and Fatal Love also available in print.

Six of my books are available in audio format from

  1. An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey.

  2. Terror Holiday.

  3. For the Greater Good,

  4. Impending Disaster

  5. Desperation Rules the Day (part 1)

  6. Never Pull the Tigers Tail

Apart from writing books, I also write poetry, with one of my poems finishing in the final four in a poetry contest.

A newspaper in Plymouth my home town in England published an article re my writing.

I have done a one-hour podcast, and once took part in a live American radio show, regarding my writing. You can find a video recording of the first part of my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps at

In conjunction with Voyage media, I wrote a pilot episode based on my memoir. Follow Tigerman, which I found to be quite an experience.

Expat Network published an article of mine in their magazine Nexus, with numerous of my articles published in online magazines. I have taken part in a variety of interviews including one with a robot.

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