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Colin Guest

My latest published book is Death on the Move

Check out

 The above book is the sequel in a thrilling trilogy starting with Desperation Rules the Day, which I have now made free of charge. Due to the ongoing situation between America and Iran, I think readers will find my story fits in well.

After having Susy’s Dilemma published I am now working on another romantic story mixed with erotica. Check out my blog for further updates.

Apart from in digital format, the following books are also available in audio book format via Amazon ACX

Fatal Love

Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail

Desperation Rules the Day

Terror Holiday

Impending Disaster  

A Dangerous Love Affair,

For the Greater Good

Apart from writing books, I also write poetry. My last poem won the prize of being made into a film. Also I am pleased to say that for three years, one of my poems has finished in the final four in poetry contests.

A newspaper in Plymouth my home town in Englandin published an article re my writing .

I have also taken part in a one hour podcast, and took part in a live American radio show, re my writing. A video recording of the first part of my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps was read in conjunction with Novels Wildsound Festival.  In conjunction with Voyage media, I wrote a pilot episode based on my memoir. It being quite an experience for me.

Expat Network, A UK expat organisation published an article of mine in their magazine Nexus. I have had numerous of my articles published in online magazines, and taken part in a variety of interviews.

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