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Colin Guest

Cover photo Desperation Rules the Day

This my latest book is now available as an audiobook see link

The story is based on the present ongoing situation between America and Iran. In such times as these, one never knows what will happen next. My book is a work of fiction, but who knows what will become of this situation. After all, as the title of my book says, Desperation Rules the day.


I have just completed another romantic story with the working title of Sex not Love. I feel this could prove successful, but then again who knows.  At present, I am writing a thriller that fits in well with the world present day situation. Watch out for further updates.



I am delighted to say that Terror Holiday is now available as an audiobook see link . 

The book is based on actual events that occurred during the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, 2016, and a fictitious  English family there on holiday.


Cover photo for IMPENDING Disaster

Impending Disaster is now available as as audiobook see link

Although this is fiction, god willing the events in it will not turn out to be true.


A Dangerous Love Affair book cover Half size

A Dangerous Love Affair, an erotic novel,  attracted attention from a UK publisher. However, despite thinking it good, it did not quite come up to their requirements to enable them to publish it without financial assistance from myself.

Cover For the Greater Good

For the Greater Good is about the assassination of the self-proclaimed President of Yemen. The method used to carry it out maybe unusual, but it proves highly successful.


Memoir cover photo

Follow in the Tigerman’s Footprints is a memoir of my 19 years as an expat worker. During this time I travelled and worked in 15 countries on mainly high-class interior fit-outs to five-star hotels and several palaces. These were spread throughout the Middle, Far East and North Africa. As such, I lived a life most only dream.



An Expat’s Experiences of living in Turkey covers my living in Turkey for over 25 years. It includes information that I feel sure both expats living here and those thinking of making a move to Turkey, will find interesting.

Apart from writing books, I also write poetry. My last poem won the prize of being made into a film. For the past three years, one of my poems has finished in the final four in poetry contests.

An article of mine was published in the Herald newspaper back in my hometown of Plymouth, Devon, England.

I have also done a one hour podcast and taken part in a live American radio show, re my writing. A video recording of the first part of my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps was read in conjunction with Novels Wildsound Festival.

ExpatNetwork, A UK expat organisation published an article of mine in their magazine Nexas. I have also had articles published in online magazines as listed below.

  1. Real Estate in Turkey. March 2006.
  2. Living in Turkey. June 2011
  3. Misplaced Trust. July 2011
  4. How I travelled to 14 Countries with no Money. Sept 2011.   www.   
  5. Living on the Med in Turkey. Oct 2011
  6. Living and working overseas. Feb 2012
  7. Working in Iran. Feb 2012
  8. Working in Qatar. March 2012
  9. Working in Oman. June 2012
  10. Working in Iran during the revolution. March 2012
  11. Retire in Turkey. January 2013
  12. How I travelled to the Middle/East, Asia & North Africa as a Contracted Worker. May 2013
  13. The Red Tape of Getting Married to a Foreign Senior Citizen. May 2013. 
  14. An Expats Experiences of Living in Turkey. October 2014  
  15. The Advantages of being an Expat. June 2015
  16. Moving too and living in Turkey. June 2015
  17. Living as an Expat in Istanbul. July 2015 
  18. Never too old for Love December 2015

  19. Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps.


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