Latest update from Tigerman.

After many months of trying to get my eight audiobooks transferred from Amaxon ACX, I now have six of them with Findaway. Unfortunately, one narrator did not agree with this, but this was there choice, so no problem. Out of the other six narrators, five have so far given ACX their permission to take these books from exclusive to non-exclusive, with my presently trying to contact the outstanding narrator. This being a necessity to allow Findaway to accept my books for sale on their site. It is then up to ACX to a sign off on this process. At the same time I have been trying to find out from ACX where and what happened to the royalty payments for the book they released nine months after banning me from using ACX. From reports issued by ACX, nine audiobooks have been sold. Unfortunately, despite various messages to re this, they have never replied.

On another matter, I have had beta readers go through several of my books including my latest unpublished romantic novel, An Unforgettable Cruise. From their reports, I have been busy incorporating many of their comments into a revised version of these books. Although a lot of work, the information I received from these beta readers will make my stories more interesting for readers. So, given this, I have no problem in revising them.

Apart from my books, after talking with a producer, I have had a screenplay written for one of my action stories. I will later see if I can obtain any interest in the story used in connection with a film adaptation.

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