What is Life

What is life but a fleeting moment in passing time.

We are born one day in the knowledge we will die.

But it’s what we do in between the two that counts.

For some, only getting wealthy is their single aim.

While others just want to find a right partner in life.

Some want nothing for themselves, only for others.

Many love animals far more than they do children.

We are all different in our ideas and goals to pursue.

In this life, there are incredibly good people and bad.

One should always try and achieve what you desire.

But don’t feel bad or sad when if it never happens.

There are people in life who never seem to win.

While others are never seen to do anything wrong.

Life is a chance or a gamble you could possibly say.

It is something no matter what cannot be changed.

Never feel jealous of others having more than you.

It won’t change things and can make things worse.

Shrug your shoulders, they might have problems too.

Despite what you think money cannot buy you, love.

It can but only give one the impression of doing so.

Love is something you will either have or never find.

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