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Welcome to the home of author Colin Guest, otherwise known as Tigerman. This site covers my writing with genres ranging from memoirs, and thriller/adventure, to romance stories. At present, I have eleven books published in digital format.  An Unforgettable Cruise, A Dangerous Love Affair, and Fatal Love are also available in print.  I also have six books audiobooks.

I will respond to all comments  and reviews of my books, which  would be welcome and appreciated.

My latest romantic novel, An Unforgettable Cruise is now available in both digital and print formats, while my other romantic novel,  It Happened in Barcelona, is now with several publishing companies to see if there is any interest. I did receive an offer to publish my story from one company, but as they wanted me to pay 2,600 pounds,  I refused their offer.

I have written film scripts based on my thrillers, For the Greater Good and Desperation Rules the Day, and now working on a script based on my novel A Dangerous Love Affair.

I started writing after retiring from nineteen years as an ex-pat worker in fourteen countries spread throughout the Middle, Far East, and North Africa. As such,  I consider myself as having lived a life most only dream.  Therefore, should you want to know how to get out of a boring 9-5 job check out my memoir, “Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps.” http://www.amazon.com/-/dp/1482854430

Due to my concerns about nature, the environment, and wild animals, I have worked as a volunteer at Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation centers in South Africa and Thailand. I  have also adopted a tiger for the past twelve years.

As such, I recommend animal lovers try this as an alternative type of holiday. For sure, it’s an experience you will never forget. It is also a great way of giving something back to nature.

For my latest news check out  https://wwwturkmed.wordpress.com

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